The buzz about McBee is that he was so starved and hopeless that on October 7th, he literally walked right out in the road in front of a car and stopped. Shelter staff at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina, where the driver took McBee, think that he was making his last desperate attempt to get help. McBee is a black Boxer blend, two to three years old. He tested positive for heartworms, was suffering from severe starvation, and had skin issues related to malnutrition.

McBee’s recent life hadn’t been the bees-knees, but Susan Blakeney, RADAR’s liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue, was hoping to change that. Susan asked us for assistance on October 30th. One Life to Live Rescue in Pennsylvania was interested in pulling McBee if his heartworm treatment costs could be covered. We agreed to assist, and McBee made a bee-line for his heartworm treatment on November 10th!

McBee is so sweet he must have been born in a bee hive! According to Susan, McBee is super-affectionate and gentle. We think he deserves a honey-comb of a home! To view more photos of McBee, click here.

RADAR paid all of McBee’s heartworm treatment costs, totaling $177.

UPDATE! All funds for McBee have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! McBee has been adopted! His new name is Bumbles, named after the after the abominable snowman in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to McBee:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Laura Jones; Lori Lane, in memory of Amber Laniewski

Added on December 9, 2015.

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