Meet Mr. Meatball! Approximately five years old, this German Shepherd mix arrived as a stray at the Smyth County Animal Shelter in Virginia way back on June 30th. Poor Meatball had quite a bit of hair loss and had scabs all over his body. He needed vet care to determine if it was a a severe flea allergy or mange.

On July 8th, the Appalachian Animal Refuge in Virginia asked for RADAR’s help. If we could assist, they would be able to rescue Meatball. We agreed and on July 9th Meatball was safely out of the shelter! He had his initial vetting done on July 10th. He was diagnosed having sarcoptic mange and began treatments.

During Meatball’s slow recovery, a potential adopter was found. On September 27th, Meatball was adopted by a veterinary technician! His new adoptive mom covered his neutering costs so that RADAR’s remaining funds for Meatball could be used to help another at-risk dog. Click here to view more photos of Meatball.

RADAR paid all $138 of the initial vetting and skin treatment costs for Meatball.

UPDATE! Meatball has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Meatball have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributor, who have gave specifically to fully fund Meatball:

Diana Berkstresser

Added on December 20, 2014.

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