Welcome to RADAR Radio, your leading source of at-risk dog news in the Southeast and Appalachia! Today we’re interviewing Mimi, a four-old Beagle mix from West Virginia. Stay with us to hear Mimi’s amazing story!

RADAR interviewer: Mimi, you came to the Raleigh County Humane Society shelter in West Virginia as a stray on April 23rd. How did you end you end up there?

Mimi: Well, I was found in an abandoned mine shaft in the area and was taken to the shelter, which I was thankful for, because I was thirsty, hungry, and full of heartworms.

RADAR interviewer: That must not have been easy. What happened from there?

Mimi: Julia Altman of Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania, wanted to step up for me and take me into her rescue to find me a loving forever home, but needed help to pay for my heartworm treatment costs. On May 1st, she reached out to RADAR to see if they could help, and they agreed to cover it all! I was pulled from the shelter the next day and I got my heartworm treatment on May 11th.

RADAR interviewer: That’s awesome, Mimi! How are you doing now?

Mimi: I’m doing great! I am so thankful for all of the amazing people who have helped me overcome the hurdles I’ve faced in my life. A lot of people are dedicated to finding me a new home, and I’m so excited to start my new life!

Mimi is a friendly, kind, loving little Beagle girl! We are looking forward to matching her with a loving family! Thank you for helping with this deserving dog. Be sure to view more photos in Mimi’s gallery.

RADAR paid all of Mimi’s heartworm treatment costs, which totaled $250.

UPDATE! Mimi has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Mimi have been raised! Thank you!

While RADAR is no longer asking for donations for our nonprofit, we ask that you check out some of our rescue partners and make a donation to one or more of them.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Mimi:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Hound Dog Fund ($50); Tina Muncy; Brittany Burger; Susan Penney; Lisa Spangler; Ginnie Freeburn, in memory of her dog, Andy

Added on May 24, 2020.

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