If Minnie could drive, what kind of car would she have? A Minnie Cooper! But since she can’t drive, what would you call her chauffeur? Yes, Minnie Driver! This five-month-old Plot Hound-Pit Bull mix, arrived at the Chesterfield County Animal Services shelter in South Carolina on May 20th. Minnie was picked up as a stray by animal control in a trailer park. Minnie was sweet and submissive, but also very sick and in pain. Her left eye was grossly swollen with significant discharge.

The vet diagnosed Minnie’s problem as an infected cherry eye. Other than a prescription ointment to fight the infection and reduce the swelling, the shelter was not permitted to provide any additional vet care for Minnie. She urgently needed the simple surgery to repair her cherry eye. Until that was done, Minnie’s chances of getting any rescue or adopter interest were nearly nonexistent.

Deanna Dixon, Shelter Manager and Rescue/ Adoption Coordinator, contacted RADAR on June 6th to see if there was some way we could help. The cost of her surgery was estimated to be $200, plus $50 to have her spayed at the same time. We agreed to cover the eye surgery if rescue could be found, and the staff, who adored Minnie, offered to chip in to cover the $50 spaying cost. RADAR asked if the shelter would guarantee that Minnie would be safe from euthanasia if we agreed to pay for her surgery without rescue commitment. Deanna enthusiastically said that they would keep her safe!

Minnie’s surgery and spaying took place on June 16th. Since the total cost was only $165, RADAR covered it all. Deanna responded: “This is wonderful! We can help another fur-baby with the money we have pulled together. We can never thank you enough. This has been such a blessing!”

On June 17th, just a day after Minnie’s surgery, shelter volunteer Monica Knight adopted her! Deanna had shared this with us about Minnie: “She is a friendly, outgoing pup who is good with other dogs and children. She even likes cats! Her personality is perfect. Minnie carries her food bowl around with her trying to get attention, which is just the cutest thing! She truly deserved a chance to make it out. You couldn’t ask for nicer dog! To see more photos of Minnie, click here.

RADAR paid $165 to cover all of the costs for Minnie’s cherry eye surgery and spaying.

UPDATE: Minnie has been adopted!

UPDATE: From Minnie’s forever Mom, “Minnie, we named her Ruby, is doing awesome! Her eye looks very good and she is just adorable! Full of love and energy. No more pain for this sweet girl. She and our other dog Ruthie, a plot hound Pitt mix, are inseparable! Ruby has completed our family and I can not thank everyone enough for all the love, support and compassion you have shown.”

UPDATE! All funds for Minnie have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Minnie:

Mary Wilkie; Monica Knight; Rebecca Firman; Catherine Morris

Added on June 23, 2014.

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