Oh, by gosh, by golly, it’s the amazing tale of Molly! It all started on December 17th, when Molly, an approximately 10-year-old Sheltie mix who was blind in one eye, was surrendered to the Tucker County Animal Shelter in West Virginia. Her owners were getting a divorce and going their separate ways, and neither of their ways included Molly.

Normally, we would be lamenting about this scenario. But not in this case. Molly had spent her entire life outside chained to a dog box. Who would have thought that a divorce and an owner surrender would be good news for a dog?

A senior dog at a shelter is usually not a good combination. But not in this case. Molly was fortunate to have been surrendered to the safety of the no-kill Tucker County Animal Shelter run by RADAR’s first partner, Cathy Parsons. While Molly was a real sweetheart, Cathy was having no luck finding a rescue to take her.

As the New Year started, RADAR reached out to another one of our partners, Cindy Olweiler of Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. Cindy’s rescue is entirely devoted to senior dogs. With RADAR offering to cover Molly’s vetting costs, Cindy agree3 to take her! While Cindy was trying to find a foster home for Molly, she found something even better: an adopter!

Next came the logistics for Molly’s transport. Ace RADAR supporter, Amy Riley, not only assisted with Molly’s transport on February 9th from Tucker County, but temporarily fostered Molly. Cindy will be taking Molly on her big trip on February 13th to meet up with her adopter from Rochester, NY!

Due to her matted fur, Molly had to be shaved down when she was groomed. Cathy thought Molly looked like she was 15 when she arrived at the shelter, and now she looks like a puppy! And when it comes to amazing tails, don’t miss Molly’s curlicue! For more photos of Molly, click here.

In a quirk of coincidence, RADAR paid Molly’s bill on February 8th. Exactly one year earlier, RADAR assisted its very first dog. That dog was also one of Cathy’s from Tucker County. And, that dog’s name was also Molly!

And, there’s another coincidence. Since Molly is a senior, part of her bill is being covered by Chloe’s SOS Fund. The Fund was established in memory of Chloe, the senior dog adopted by RADAR’s co-founders. Chloe died on December 17, 2012, the same day that Molly was surrendered to the shelter.

RADAR paid all of Molly’s $489 bill, which included her initial vetting, dental treatment, grooming and quarantine boarding.

UPDATE! All funds for Molly have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Unfortunately, Molly was returned, through no fault of her own. She just wants a little attention from her family, and who could blame her??

UPDATE! Molly has been adopted!! She is so happy in her new home! She goes on long hikes every day!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Molly:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; JoAnn Lundin; Carol Painter; Jim & Amy Riley; Beverly Davis

Added on February 9, 2013.

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