Mr. Crowley

Downton Abbey fans know Mr. Crawley’s story all too well. But now it’s time to learn about Mr. Crowley’s story! At least 10 years old, this Sheltie mix arrived on October 7th at the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia. He was one of 23 dogs confiscated from a horrendous hoarding situation. Many of the dogs had never been outside before. The house was so full of feces, urine and garbage that the rescue workers had to wear gas masks! Mr. Crowley was in sad shape. He had maggot-infested wounds encased in severely matted fur. His toenails had grown into his pads. And, he was deaf.

On October 11th, RADAR provided an offer to assist with Mr. Crowley’s vetting costs in order to help encourage a rescue to take him. On October 20th, Carol Free and her Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue in West Virginia safely got Mr. Crowley out of the shelter and off to her rescue. He had his initial vetting and senior blood panel done on November 3rd.

“His ears were completely filled with debris,” Carol told us. “Wax, hair, dirt, everything you can mention except the kitchen sink was in his ear canals. No wonder he is deaf. Despite the horrible conditions Mr. Crowley was forced to endure, this little old man has a spark that is absolutely contagious. He is quickly becoming a rescue favorite with us, although we would love to see him find his forever home soon. But at least Mr. Crowley is feeling much better these days!” To view more photos of Mr. Crowley, click here.

RADAR paid all $209 of the initial vetting and senior blood test costs for Mr. Crowley.

UPDATE! All funds for Mr. Crowley have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Mr. Crowley has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. From his rescue, “Mr. Crowley was in a lot of pain from arthritis and former neglect. We were unable to keep him comfortable with medications or treatments. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2015.”

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Mr. Crowley:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Tina Muncy; Peggy Marshall

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