When Nila’s owner went to prison, Nila went to the pound. But for Nila, a seven-year-old Australian Shepherd at the Clayton County Animal Control shelter in Georgia, this wasn’t like her owner’s jail sentence; this was more like a death sentence. And what was Nila’s crime? Perhaps being too old? Or, ending up in an overcrowded shelter?

Nila arrived at the shelter on Friday, July 27th. The shelter euthanizes every Tuesday and Friday. So Nila was “red-lined” to be euthanized on Tuesday, July 31st. By some twist of fate she was not euthanized, but given a reprieve until Friday, August 3rd.

The volunteer group, Partners with Clayton County Animal Control, got the word out about this sweet dog’s desperate situation. RADAR offered an incentive to cover the initial vetting costs for any qualified rescue that would commit to taking Nila.

As is so often the case, a dog’s life depends on finding a foster. RADAR supporters Scott and Amber Albright offered to foster Nila if RADAR partner Reach Out Rescue & Resources would pull her. And with just hours to go before Nila was to be euthanized, the rescue agreed to take her!

There were still many hurdles for RADAR to tackle, including finding a rescue in Georgia to officially pull Nila, getting the necessary health certificate and testing done, finding temporary boarding until transport, and arranging transport to Pennsylvania.

Just yesterday, Nila had her vetting. Unfortunately, we found out that she is heartworm positive. We discussed this with the rescue, and it was decided that RADAR would pay for the initial vetting, heartworm test, health certificate and transport, while the rescue would handle the heartworm treatment. So everything is now good to go: Nila is safely out of the shelter and being boarded as she awaits her August 9th transport to her foster home! Click here to view additional photos and click here  to view a video!

RADAR has committed to cover the $195 cost for Nila’s heartworm test, health certificate and paid transport.

UPDATE! Nila has now been treated for heartworm!

UPDATE! Nila has been adopted… by her foster family!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Nila:

Scott & Amber Albright; Emily Roof; Susan Krunic; Kimberly Dickey; Linda Siegert; Elizabeth Lavoie; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert, in honor of Linda Siegert’s birthday.

Added on August 8, 2012.

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