Relentless. Collaborative. Those are the two words that best describe the efforts to save old Ollie. He is an approximately eight to ten-year-old German Shepherd mix, who was the final dog of 25 who were surrendered and survived from a horrible hoarding case uncovered in mid-November in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Winston, who RADAR assisted, was another dog from this case.

Despite the best efforts of Friends Fur Life Rescue in Berkeley Springs to find a foster, adopter or rescue for Ollie, there were no takers (Winston was from the same hoarding case). RADAR even offered to assist with his initial vetting as an incentive for a rescue to take him. But for nearly two months, Ollie was living in limbo at the Morgan County Animal Control shelter in West Virginia. As the New Year began, and with the shelter full, Ollie’s time was up.

At last, the relentless efforts struck gold and the collaboration kicked into high gear! Someone in Pennsylvania offered to foster Ollie if we could find a rescue. We turned to our rescue partner Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, and they agreed to take Ollie with the Pennsylvania foster and RADAR covering his initial vetting costs. Friends Fur Life Rescue coordinated getting Ollie out of the shelter, arranging his vetting and safely transporting him to his foster on January 5th.

Ollie had his initial vetting, neutering and much-needed dental treatment done on January 9th. He tested heartworm negative. The vet provided a very generous discount that lowered the bill to $400. His foster reports that, “Ollie is a very sweet dog, and is doing remarkably well considering the life he’s had.” Click here for more photos of Ollie.

RADAR paid the full $400 cost for Ollie’s initial vetting, neutering and dental treatment.

UPDATE! All funds for Ollie have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! From Ollie’s foster Mom on May 23rd, “We continue to celebrate his baby steps toward becoming a “normal” dog… this morning for the first time, Ollie picked up a stuffed toy and was running around with his tail wagging and just so happy! It just made me smile to see him so relaxed and enjoying life!”

UPDATE! Ollie has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Ollie:

Cora Fellers; Chloe’s SOS Fund; Jennifer Siegert; Kimberly Thomas; Melissa Farr & Jim Groff; Diana Berkstresser; Edith Krause

Added on January 12, 2013.

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