Want an Oscar without winning an Academy Award? Adopt this dog! Approximately eight years old and a Collie mix, Oscar arrived as a stray at the Granville County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on August 12th. He was suspected of being deaf. Oscar also had a skin infection that needed veterinary treatment, which made him available to rescues only. This rural shelter has very limited kennel space, so when the shelter reaches capacity, dogs are euthanized to make room for new intakes. All of this, combined with Oscar’s age put him greatly at risk.

Laurie Cortright is the Director and Rescue Coordinator for the Granville County Shelter Partners for Adoption, Rescue and Education (SPARE) Virtual Shelter, an organization that works to “spare” the lives of cats and dogs at the shelter. After networking Oscar’s plight, and getting over 3,000 shares on Facebook, Laurie still had no rescue interested in Oscar. Late on August 19th, Laurie contacted RADAR to see if we could help. The next morning we provided an offer to assist with Oscar’s vetting costs as an incentive for a rescue to take him. On August 22nd, the appropriately named Eleventh Hour Rescue in New Jersey agreed to take him!

Oscar immediately went to the vet, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and didn’t want to eat. Fortunately, after a few days of treatment he recovered and was able to go to his temporary foster home. “Oscar is a very sweet older guy,”Laurie told us. “He’s happy to be with other dogs or people, or just spending time alone napping. He has some arthritis. He had a bacterial skin infection due to chronic matting and lack of proper grooming, but that has been treated and resolved. He is hard of hearing, but not totally deaf. He had some eye issues, but they have cleared up, and his cough has been resolved. Oscar is a very sweet and friendly boy, and is ready to be a part of a family!” To view more photos of Oscar, click here.

RADAR paid $200 towards Oscar’s initial vetting and treatment costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Oscar have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE! Oscar has been adopted!

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Oscar:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Tracey Meyers; Diana Berkstresser

Added on September 21, 2014.

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