Unlike with Otis Elevators, this Otis has not had many ups and downs. In fact, it has been all down for Otis, and now he needs a lift! This one to two-year-old Pit Bull mix arrived as a stray at the Lee County Animal Services shelter in North Carolina on April 29th. Beyond the risk factor of being a Pit Bull mix, Otis had some serious skin issues. Things were not looking good for poor Otis.

The volunteers with the group Lee County Animal Advocacy spread the word about the plight of Otis. On May 3rd, RADAR made an offer to assist with vet costs for Otis as an incentive for a rescue to take him. Later that same day, Road Home Rescue in North Carolina agreed to take Otis!

On May 7th, Otis had his initial vet exam and treatment. Other than the good news that he tested heartworm negative, his condition was worse than first thought. The skin issues appeared to be from fleas and ticks. His legs were swollen. His walking was wobbly. His left eye was punctured. He was underweight. Yet, despite it all, Otis was still a happy dog!

With medications, good food, rest and lots of TLC, Otis should make a full recovery within the next month. Fortunately, Jenna, a volunteer at the shelter, will be providing all of the above for Otis as his temporary foster.

Once Otis has recovered, he will be neutered and then on his way to the rescue. To see more photos of Otis, click here.

RADAR has paid all of the $149 initial vetting costs for Otis, and will be paying his upcoming neutering cost of $80, for a total of $229.

UPDATE! All funds for Otis have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Otis has been transferred to Critter’s Nest in Tennessee. From his foster Mom, “He is still having intermittent swelling around his ankles and after 2 specialists cannot figure out why. But we have been controlling it and it is now just a flare up now and then….He is very sweet and loving as well and very playful.”

UPDATE! Otis has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Otis:

Catherine Morris; Karen Scruggs; Leilani Smith; Britney Aldridge / Critter Captions; Diana Berkstresser; Rick Thompson

Added on May 8, 2013.

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