Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement
We raise funds to provide grants for specific dogs in shelters. Our focus is primarily on smaller, overcrowded, and underfunded rural shelters that typically operate below the radar in Appalachia and the Southeast.

Our efforts are aimed at providing grants to otherwise adoptable dogs in these shelters who are least likely to get adopted (older dogs, black dogs, special-needs dogs, medical-needs dogs), regardless of breed. We also help dogs who are on a shelter’s euthanasia list.

By covering part or all of the costs of necessary veterinary care, etc. for these dogs most at risk, rescues are far more likely to be able to help these dogs. We assist rescues that commit to these at-risk dogs with veterinary care, temporary boarding, transport, and other costs. We also highlight the dogs we assist on our website and through social media to help get them on the radar to be adopted or taken by a rescue, and to increase awareness of the plight of at-risk dogs.


No dog left behind because of …

… a lack of funds to cover necessary veterinary costs.

… being old, black, the “wrong” breed or having special needs.

… being in a smaller, overcrowded or underfunded rural shelter.

… a lack of funds to facilitate a rescue placement.

… not being on the radar. No dog left behind. Period.

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