Pablo could be a poster child (well, actually a poster dog) for the plight of Pit Bulls. Two to three years old and a Pit Bull mix, Pablo arrived at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina way back on February 11th. He was brought to the shelter by animal control. Pablo is a classic Pit in many ways: He has ears that were likely “hand-clipped” at home, he’s big, he has lots of muscle, and he is also one of the nicest dogs you could ever meet! Unfortunately, very few larger Pit Bull mixes make it out of shelters alive. It didn’t help that Pablo was heartworm positive.

But lightning struck twice for Pablo on March 16th. First, a rescue agreed to take him if his heartworm treatment costs could be covered. Second, RADAR agreed to assist after receiving a request from Susan Blakeney, our liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue.

Pablo had his first heartworm treatment done on June 5th, but he did not respond well. After recovering, the vet decided to move forward with the follow-up treatment that took place on August 4th. While there was real concern if he would make it. Luckily he made it, and fully recovered! However, the cost of his treatment was $550. RADAR provided a matching challenge: If Darlington donors raised $275, RADAR would pay the other $275. They did and we did!

“He’s a very lovable kind of guy,” Susan shared with us. “Laps are fair game for him, and he loves to get snuggly and give kisses. He’s fun, affectionate and infectious! He’s the kind of dog you bring home to the family. He’s so friendly, loving and yes, great with other dogs. Pablo is always ready to go and have a good time. While his former owner tried his best to make him look mean by hand-cutting his ears, it did not work with Pablo. He’s just too sweet, kind and generous!” Click here to view more photos of Pablo.

RADAR paid $275, which was half of Pablo’s heartworm treatment costs. The other $275 was raised by Darlington donors in response to a matching challenge from RADAR.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Pablo has lost his rescue, and through no fault of his own. The rescue’s foster backed out and there was no place for him. He is currently in a temporary foster home in South Carolina.

UPDATE! All funds for Pablo have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Pablo has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Pablo:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Melissa Feeney; Jennifer Siegert; Diana Berkstresser

Added on September 11, 2014.

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