This is a very sad story with a very happy ending. The owners of Pandi, an 11-year-old blind Akita, were moving and couldn’t take Pandi with them. So they took Pandi to their vet to have her euthanized.

Despite her age and blindness, the vet knew that Pandi was in good health and a very sweet dog. And he knew that if they took Pandi to the local shelter, she would be euthanized immediately because of her age and blindness. He convinced the owners to give him a few days to see if he could find a rescue to take her. He contacted one of RADAR’s partners, Friends Fur Life Rescue in WV. Despite being overwhelmed by two recent large hoarding cases, the rescue agreed to take Pandi.

Thanks to the amazing networking efforts of several volunteers, an adopter was found for Pandi. The fact that the adopter lived in Massachusetts was not about to deter anybody! Two volunteers from the rescue drove over nine hours to transport Pandi from WV to MA. They even waited a day before making the nine-hour return trip to be sure everything went well with Pandi and her adopter. Click here to see more photos!

So that Pandi could be transported and adopted, she needed to be heartworm tested (no heartworms!) and brought up-to-date on her vaccines. Because of the financial strain put on the rescue by the two recent hoarding cases, they had no funds to cover Pandi’s vet costs.

RADAR committed to pay the $67 vet care costs for Pandi. 

UPDATE! Pandi is now safe and secure, and living happily in her new forever home!

UPDATE: Pandi was a perfect fit for her new Mom. They went on walks along the beach in Cape Cod. Unfortunately, Pandi’s body was giving out on her. Her Mom knew it was soon time to say good-bye. Even though Pandi had only been in her life for about 9 months, she couldn’t imagine life without her. Pandi crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 11, 2013. Rest in peace, Pandi.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Pandi:

Anonymous; Ken Siegert

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