Poor Parker, a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever-Mastiff mix, was very much an at-risk dog at the Rocky Mount Animal Shelter in Nash County, North Carolina. This wonderful and obedient dog was just a shadow of her former self: emaciated (50-60 pounds underweight), malnourished (resulting in hair loss), and neglected (1″ nails, hookworm and flea infested, and broken and rotted teeth). In her condition, even walking was difficult. Click here for more pictures of Parker.

Through the tireless efforts of our partners at the SPCA Alliance of NC (SPCAANC), a rescue was found for Parker. With her life on the line, she was pulled from the shelter just in time. During Parker’s initial vet treatment, tests revealed that she was heartworm positive. With this news, the rescue that had committed to taking Parker and for paying for her vet care, backed out.

This left the SPCAANC unexpectedly on the hook for Parker, both for the costs of her care and finding a foster. And without both, Parker’s fate was an imminent death sentence.

Just in the nick of time, a foster was found. The only obstacle left to saving Parker’s life was money. RADAR to the rescue!

RADAR has committed to covering the $357 cost for Parker’s initial vetting, dental care, and spaying. (The SPCAANC is raising funds for her upcoming heartworm treatment.)

With Parker’s initial vet treatment and the TLC of her foster (who says Parker is “pure joy!”), this sweet dog is already doing so much better. She’s now free of hookworms and fleas, has been groomed, had her nails trimmed, and has even gained some much-needed weight. She appears to have some discomfort with her teeth, so her dental treatment (and spaying) has been scheduled for July 12th. She will feel so much better when that has been done!

Parker’s life was saved and is now being greatly improved thanks, in large part, to RADAR’s supporters.

UPDATE! RADAR has paid for Parker’s previous vet bill (from when she was to be pulled by a rescue, and has paid for her spay, dental work and removal of a benign mammary tumor).

UPDATE: Parker crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 14th, 2012. She didn’t have a good life. After her last vet appointment, the vet decided that she was as old as 8-9 years old (which is very old for her breed). She wasn’t acting right the morning of July 14th (she was cold and her gums were white), and so she was taken to the vet. The vet felt that she had been suffering much more than her foster thought, and it was decided to end her suffering. Thank you to Julie for giving Parker a chance, and for asking RADAR to help Parker. We can all find solace in that Parker finally knew love in her last few weeks of life, and that people could truly be kind and generous, even to an old girl who has seen so much bad in the world. She was a truly sweet girl, who only wanted to be loved and around her people. Parker touched so many lives. In honor of Parker, TheresaLynn Cieslinski wrote a poem for Parker. Click here to read her poem. Rest in peace, Parker.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Parker:

Kimberly Dickey; Susan Weiss Alexant; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert (in memory of Parker)

Added on July 5, 2012.

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