This Petey is a real sweetie! Approximately 18 months old and a marvelous mutt mix, Petey has quite the story. His owner died, leaving Petey and over 50 cats to fend for themselves on a farm in Sampson County, North Carolina. When animal Good Samaritan LeAnna Croom came to their rescue, the trustee of the property suggested leaving the animals alone to starve to death! But LeAnna persevered, and got many of the cats and kittens to rescue. Without rescue help, the only humane option for Petey was the Sampson County Animal Shelter, where LeAnna knew his life would be in danger.

In mid-January, the Adopt-An-Angel (AAA) organization in North Carolina agreed to help LeAnna with Petey and some of the cats. While AAA was unable to take Petey because they had no fosters available, they did get him neutered and vaccinated so that he could more readily be adopted or taken by a rescue. While at the clinic following his neutering, Petey had a seizure. He would need a thorough exam and tests to properly diagnose and treat the seizures. It was at this point that LeAnna contacted RADAR for help. Like LeAnna, we didn’t want Petey to end up in a high-kill shelter, and especially with a medical condition.

On February 1st we offered to assist if a rescue could be found to take Petey. On February 15th, Racheal’s Rescue in North Carolina agreed to take Petey! He had his full vet exam and blood testing done on February 19th. The vet was confident that with regular medication, Petey should be just fine and seizure-free. Unfortunately, he also tested heartworm positive. Petey is now enjoying life in his foster home. He is good with dogs and cats, and loves to cuddle! To see more photos of Petey, click here.

RADAR paid all $200 of the costs for Petey’s vet exam, blood tests and medication for treating his seizures.

UPDATE! All funds for Petey have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Petey has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Petey:

Jennifer Kleme; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Robert Cameron; Trish Newberg; Jennifer Siegert

Added on February 22, 2014.

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