This sweet pumpkin pie of a pup is Piglet the Pug, a lovely little lady whose lot in life brought her some luck at last! According to the woman who dropped three to four-year-old Piglet off at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on September 24th, this pretty pup just wandered into her yard. Interestingly enough, this woman also knew that Piglet was a purebred Pug and that it was likely she was just bred with a dog four times her size. What she didn’t know, was that Piglet was heartworm positive.

Piglet’s long-lost luck was about to change when To Love a Canine Rescue in Pennsylvania offered to take her and find her a new home. However, the rescue did not have the funds to cover Piglet’s needed heartworm treatment. The Darlington County Humane Society’s liaison, Susan Blakeney, reached out to RADAR on September 27th for our help so that Piglet could “wander” her way to the rescue. RADAR immediately agreed, providing Piglet the Pug, the darling dog from Darlington, with a fabulous future!

On October 8th, Piglet had her heartworm treatment done. Her temporary foster mom told us this: “Piglet really has a cute personality. She dances and twirls and scampers all over the bed, pes under the covers, and then finally curls up right under my arms and sleeps in a ball! She just loves to be with people. She wants to be in your lap all the time. Another striking thing about Piglet is how smart she is. She’s an amazing little ball of energy!” To view more photos of Piglet, click here.

RADAR paid all $130 of Piglet’s heartworm treatment costs.

UPDATE! Piglet has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Piglet have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Piglet:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Daryl Kapus; Amy Clauss Moorby; Diana Berkstresser

Added on October 15, 2013.

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