A quest is defined as a long or arduous search for something. And in this case, Quest was on a quest to find his forever home. Eleven years old and a Labrador Retriever mix, Quest was an abandoned senior dog who ended up in the Harnett County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on September 9th. As a senior dog and mostly black, Quest’s quest was all the more daunting at this small and crowded rural shelter.

The same day that Quest arrived at the shelter, Chris Leone, RADAR’s liaison for the Harnett County Animal Shelter, made a request for us to help Quest. We agreed to provide an offer to help assist with his vetting costs as an incentive for a rescue to take him. On September 19th, Wags Rescue & Referral in Pennsylvania agreed to take Quest! He received his initial vetting and neutering on October 28th.

“Don’t let his age fool you,” the rescue shared with us, “he is full of energy! He loves to play and run in the yard. He loves giving kisses, and gets along with everyone who comes his way. He is house and crate trained. He is so ready for his personal quest to be over and looks forward to meeting his forever family.” To view more photos of Quest, click here.

RADAR paid $200 towards the initial vetting and neutering costs for Quest.

UPDATE! All funds for Quest have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE! Quest has been adopted!

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Quest:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Dorian Edwin / Creations for Castaway Canines

Added on November 29, 2015.

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