“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” William Shakespeare may have had other things in mind when he wrote this famous line other than this Romeo’s whereabouts. A four-year-old Lab mix, this guy ended up at the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (MAMAS) shelter in Bamberg County, South Carolina on July 29th. In response to a desperate plea from the Marion County Animal Shelter in South Carolina, Romeo was one of several dogs pulled by MAMAS, and as such, his background was unknown. One thing was unfortunately clear: Romeo was heartworm positive.

Ruthie Rish with MAMAS reached out to RADAR for help on August 19th. Lab Lovers Rescue in Rochester, New York, was interested in pulling Romeo from the shelter, but they needed assistance with the cost of his heartworm treatment before they could do so. We agreed to assist, and Romeo got his treatment on August 20th, and then was transported to New York on August 24th!

“Romeo is a stunning dog, who has a beautiful disposition to match,” Ruthie told us. “He’s everything you’d expect from his breed group: sweet, friendly, happy go lucky, and he gets along with other dogs. He truly deserves a shot at a great life.” To see more photos of Romeo, click here.

RADAR paid all $360 of the heartworm treatment costs for Romeo.

UPDATE! All funds for Romeo have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Romeo:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Sunday Wright Fund; Rebecca Kuga; MAMAS Transporter; Jean Schnurr; Freya Hill; 2020 RADAR Calendar proceeds

If you are interested in adopting Romeo, please contact Lab Lovers Rescue.

Added on September 15, 2019.

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