What difference can one person make? In Rowan’s case, the difference between life and death. Rowan is a Belgian Shepherd mix who has spent all six years of his life living outside and without any vet care. His original owner died when Rowan was still a puppy. When Rowan’s current owners decided that they no longer wanted to deal with him, his destination would have been a one-way ticket to the local pound, and a near-certain death sentence.

Luckily for Rowan, Candace Honeycutt, an experienced rescue foster, intervened to save him on December 10th. Even as Candace was seeking a rescue for Rowan, she personally provided for his initial vetting and neutering. It was tough enough that Rowan was not only a larger, older and black dog, but all the more problematic that he was heartworm positive.

With Candace’s offer to continue to foster Rowan for a rescue, on February 1st Reach Out Rescue & Resources in Maryland agreed to take him if RADAR would assist with his heartworm treatment cost. RADAR committed to cover $250 of the $350 cost, with the rescue covering the other $100. Rowan received his heartworm treatment the week of February 11th.

As for his name, well that’s easy: Rowan (and Candace) are located in Rowan County, North Carolina! Click here to see more photos of Rowan.

RADAR paid its $250 portion of Rowan’s $350 heartworm treatment bill.

UPDATE! All funds for Rowan have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Rowan has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Rowan:

Laurie Lyon; Diana Berkstresser; Elizabeth Lavoie

Added on February 12, 2013.

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