Here is Sadie’s sad saga. In January a breeder in Roanoke County, Virginia, decided it was too costly to continue the business. Sadie, a young and energetic German Shepherd, was one of the dogs who had to go. As a black dog, she would have been at risk in a shelter.

The good folks at the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, operating out of NC and VA, agreed to take her. Sadie was in need of lots of socialization to make the transition from being a breeding dog to not only a family dog, but also just being a dog. Thanks to her fostering, over the months Sadie made slow but steady progress. Click here for more photos.

On Saturday, July 14th, while Sadie was being transported to a new foster home for the next phase of her socialization, she managed to escape, and could not be found. When she was found the next day (which according to her vet records was her 5th birthday), tragically, she had been hit by a vehicle. The emergency vet bill for her treatment and diagnosis was $250 (after a hefty and generous discount). X-rays revealed a dislocated hip, requiring an upcoming hip replacement surgery.

Recently the rescue had several costly vet bills, and with Sadie’s surgery looming, they reached out to RADAR for assistance.

RADAR has committed to cover the full $250 cost for Sadie’s emergency vet treatment.

UPDATE! Sadie had hip replacement surgery on Monday, July 23rd. Everything went very well, and the vet expects that she will make a full recovery. Southeast German Shepherd Rescue raised $150 for her $300 surgery, so RADAR stepped up and paid the remaining $150 (we have updated her fund to be a total of $400). Just as with Sadie’s emergency vet bill, the surgeon gave a very generous discount.

UPDATE! All funds have been raised for Sadie’s Fund! Thank you!

UPDATE! Sadie has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Sadie:

Anonymous; Cindy Hagan; Cecilia Deal; Ken Siegert; Ginnie Mashburn; Courtney Cunningham; Kimberly Dickey; Freya Hill; Linda Siegert

Added on July 17, 2012.

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