Sampson has extraordinary strength, but it isn’t in his hair. It’s in his heart. An 11-year-old Beagle mix, Sampson spent his entire life chained outside to his dog house in Wythe County, Virginia. During those years of looking and longing, Sampson became blind. So in his later years, he couldn’t even watch the world go by. But that inner strength made it possible for Sampson to survive the daily loneliness and despair with his loving heart intact. He often cuddled with his cat friends in his dog house.

In mid-September, Sampson’s owner wanted him to “be gone.” Teresa Olinger, a concerned animal advocate, posted his story on Facebook and started to make inquiries for assistance. If Sampson had gone to the Wythe County Dog Shelter, he would have been euthanized immediately due to his age and condition. Kathryn Haddock reached out to RADAR, and we reached out to Paws for Seniors! Thanks to the quick and collaborative efforts of Paws for Seniors Rescue in Virginia (who agreed to take him), Sloane Bailey (who offered to foster him) and RADAR (who provided the necessary funding), Sampson went from shackles to sanctuary within a matter of days!

On October 3rd, Sampson had his complete vetting, neutering and dental care done. Four of his teeth had to be extracted. His physical assessment also showed a possible perineal hernia.

Sampson is enjoying his foster home, where he showers his foster mom and a special cat friend with boundless love. He is learning the fine points of toilet etiquette. Despite his blindness. he navigates obstacles with the ease. Being blind has not slowed this boy down,” Sloan says, “in fact, I often think I have a three-month-old puppy in the house! He is just a sweet boy, who will make a great pet for someone. He is an awesome dog!” Click here to view more photos of Sampson.

RADAR paid all $320 of the initial vetting, neutering and dental care costs for Sampson.

UPDATE! All funds for Sampson have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Sampson has crossed the Rainbow BridgeAfter 11 years on the end of a chain, Sampson was rescued and finally had his vetting, where they found that he had bilateral perineal hernias that also involved his bladder. He had an operation to correct the hernias, but after years of neglect, his body was just beyond repair. He was in excruciating pain, so it was decided to let him go today. Sampson had many folks trying to help him – Teresa, Kathryn, Sloane (his foster Mom), and the folks at Paws for Seniors. We are so grateful that Sampson knew love during his final 4 months, and had a warm bed, plenty of food and a chance to be a happy dog. RIP Sampson.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Sampson:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Melissa Feeney; Tammy Wall; Kathy Leach; Marsha Donelson; Mary Brown Haak; Britney Aldridge / Critter Captions; Anne Killeen

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