This is the sad saga of the senior Sanford. Estimated to be 10 years old, Sanford is a Labrador Retriever mix who was admitted to the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia on July 27th. He had been in a dreadful situation where he was being starved. Now he faced an uncertain future in this rural shelter.

On August 28th Karol Gordon, RADAR’s liaison for the shelter, asked our help for Sanford, who was listed on the shelter’s euthanasia list. As an incentive for a rescue to take Sanford, we provided an offer to assist with his veterinary costs. On September 14th Mutt Love Rescue in Virginia agreed to take Sanford! He had his initial vetting done on October 1st, which included skin care treatment. He was neutered on October 15th.

Sanford was doing well in his foster home and getting along with the foster’s dogs, but then Sanford changed his tune and decided he didn’t like the foster’s dogs. Following an evaluation by a dog trainer, it was determined that Sanford would need a home where he would be the only dog. With the rescue having no fosters available without other dogs, Sanford had to be boarded. With all that Sanford had to endure in his previous life, the rescue is dedicated to doing all they can to find a forever home for him, where he will be the only dog and his owners will be committed to providing him with training. Click here to view more photos of Sanford.

RADAR paid $226 towards Sanford’s initial vetting, skin treatment and neutering costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Sanford have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Sanford crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, October 7, 2016. His health issues began in late August, when he suffered from two back-to-back seizures. The vet felt that it was a brain tumor. He was stabilized with anti-seizure medications. His foster Mom, Joan, agreed to have him live out his life with her in hospice care. An MRI had been scheduled for next week, but with Sanford becoming more disoriented and showing increased neurological issues, his MRI was moved up to today. The MRI showed that he did in fact have a tumor on the right side of his brain. Joan made the difficult decision to let him go peacefully while he was under anesthesia. Thank you to Joan for caring for him, and giving him so much love, and for everyone who helped give him his second chance. Rest in Peace, Sanford.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Sanford:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Tina Muncy; Sherry Hutchison; Catherine Marinakies

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