His owners told the staff at the shelter that Simba was 14 years old and needed to be put to sleep. So in mid-November, this Bichon-Poodle mix was surrendered to the high-kill Rocky Mount Animal Shelter in Nash County, North Carolina. The staff was a bit suspicious of Simba’s age. When a vet determined that he was only about eight years old, they wanted to give Simba another chance.

Julie Braswell of Parker’s PAWS rescue in North Carolina received an urgent plea form the shelter staff begging her to take Simba. Despite having no funds, Julie and her rescue volunteers could not leave him to die at the shelter, so they agreed to take him!

When they picked him up at the shelter, they realized he also had some health issues. He had the worst yeast infection that Julie had ever seen, and a fatty tumor above above his eye.  His teeth needed cleaning, and he needed a good grooming. In the car on the way to the vet, he curled up in Julie’s lap, cocked his head looking up at her as if to ask, “Are you going to make me feel better?” Julie knew then and there that she had made the right decision to save him. To see more photos of Simba, click here.

Simba got his initial vetting done, tested negative for heartworm and received medications for his yeast infection. Julie paid for his grooming and medications. Now she just needed to find the money to cover Simba’s vet expenses. She turned to RADAR, and we agreed to assist by paying for his initial vetting, and upcoming fatty tumor removal and dental treatment. Meanwhile, Simba’s enjoying his new life at his foster home!

RADAR has paid Simba’s initial vetting costs of $63, and has committed to cover his upcoming tumor removal and dental treatment costs of $280, for a total of $343.

UPDATE! All funds for Simba have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Due to a very irregular heartbeat, it was decided that any surgery for Simba would be too risky. Fortunately, the tumor he was to have surgically removed, has shrunk substantially. In addition to Simba’s $63 initial vetting bill, RADAR also paid for $46 in medication costs, for total assistance of $109. Simba is doing well with his foster mom.

UPDATE! Simba is in permanent foster care, due to his heart condition.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Simba:

Trish Newberg; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert, in memory of Sweet Chloe

Added on November 29, 2012.

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