Our story of Smokey starts on January 17, 2012 – just two days before RADAR was formed – when he arrived as a frightened stray dog at the Rowan County Canine Shelter in Kentucky. As an older black dog in an overcrowded rural shelter, Smokey faced long odds of getting out of there alive.

But the good folks at Saving The Animals of Rowan (STAR) came to the rescue of this calm and loving 6-7 year old black Lab. Click here to see additional photos of Smokey.

The organization took him to the vet in early March, only to discover that he was heartworm positive.

However, STAR never gave up on Smokey. Part of his heartworm treatment required that he spend ten “quiet” days boarded at the vet. Since then, Smokey has been staying at a kennel provided at no charge to STAR. The costs of caring for Smokey totaled $680, but STAR was only able to raise $175.

RADAR has committed to paying $375 towards Smokey’s care ($150 is for boarding at the vet and $225 is for his most recent heartworm treatment).

Best of all, Smokey’s story has a very happy ending. A rescue group is taking him!

UPDATE! RADAR has now PAID the $375 for Smokey’s care!! Thank you so very much!

UPDATE! Wonderful news! Smokey has been pulled by Good Buddies Canine Rescue, based in Florence, KY!

UPDATE! We just found out that Smokey has been adopted!! We are so happy for this sweet boy!

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