There’s nothing snide about Snyder! This two-year-old Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever mix arrived at the Sampson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on December 10th. A desirable dog like Snyder should have been quickly adopted or rescued, but being heartworm positive put a big roadblock in his way. So Snyder had to spend the holiday season alone in the shelter. As the New Year started, Snyder was increasingly at risk of being euthanized.

On January 14th, RADAR provided an offer to assist with Snyder’s heartworm treatment costs as an incentive for a rescue to take him. It took a few more weeks, but on February 4th, Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions in North Carolina agreed to take Snyder! Before the rescue even had a chance to post him, Snyder had an adopter waiting! Unfortunately, his heartworm treatment had to be delayed while he was being treated for both Lyme disease and Ehrlichia.

Snyder finally had his heartworm treatment done on April 3rd. One of the volunteers with the Sampson County Animal Advocates shared this about Snyder: “This boy is one of the greatest dogs I have met while volunteering at the shelter. He loves to hug and be loved. He’s great with children and other dogs. Snyder is a sweet boy!” To see more photos of Snyder, click here.

RADAR paid $250 towards Snyder’s heartworm treatment costs.

UPDATE! Snyder has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Snyder have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Snyder:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Tanya Graves-Canaday; Michelle Thoms

Added on April 19, 2014.

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