Sonya is a sweet Deer Hound mix who had three strikes against her. Strike one, this approximately three-year-old dog was in the rural Chesterfield County Animal Control shelter in South Carolina. Strike two, she had a leg injury, and her extra weight was making it more difficult for her to walk. Strike three, that extra weight was because she was pregnant! Usually, three strikes and you’re out, or in this case, euthanized.

It was urgent to get Sonya out of the shelter, not only to save her life, but also to make sure she could give birth to her pups in a much better environment. With Sonya’s situation so dire, networking efforts brought her plight to RADAR’s attention through one of our supporters on October 2nd.

RADAR immediately made an offer to assist with up to $200 in vet costs for any reputable rescue that would take Sonya.

On October 4th, Furever Angels Animal Rescue (FAAR) in Charlotte, North Carolina, agreed to take Sonya! On October 6th, Sonya was pulled from the shelter and safely on her way to a FAAR better place! Click here to see more photos of Sonya.

UPDATE The results from the vet are that she doesn’t have a leg/hip injury, but a spinal injury. The injury was only compounded due to her being pregnant. The vet said that Sonya was in no condition to deliver puppies and that she might not survive delivery. Because of Sonya’s delicate medical condition, the vet recommended and the rescue agreed that for Sonya’s health, she needed to be spayed immediately. This means that her puppies won’t make it into the world, but Sonya will have a better chance of healing from her spinal injury.

UPDATE! RADAR paid for Sonya’s initial vetting, and the full invoice was only $181! We reduced her fundraiser to reflect this change.

UPDATE! Sonya has been adopted! Her foster Mom is now Sonya’s forever Mom!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Sonya:

Jill Sicheneder; Mary Harley

Added on October 7, 2012.

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