Since Stevie was wandering around as a stray, we could call him Stevie Wander! This one-year-old Border Collie-Labrador Retriever mix arrived August 23rd at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Kentucky. Described by the shelter staff as friendly and playful, a young dog like Stevie should have been quickly adopted or taken by a rescue, but he lingered on for nearly two long months at the shelter.

On October 21st, STAR (Saving the Animals of Rowan) in Kentucky rescued Stevie from the shelter. Stevie went directly to the Morehead State University Veterinary Technology Program (MSU-VTP) for his initial vetting and neutering. Once a month during the academic year several STAR dogs get a week of vet care and treatment at a greatly reduced cost, which RADAR is covering in full this Fall. While the team of staff and students found Stevie to be very smart and full of energy, they also noticed him limping. X-rays (done at no charge) revealed OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) lesions in both of his shoulder joints.

Separate surgeries would be needed for each shoulder to remove excess cartilage to correct Stevie’s OCD. The first surgery took place on October 29th. The second surgery will take place in early December. The total cost for both surgeries is approximately $700. To leverage RADAR’s assistance, we offered this matching challenge to STAR supporters: If they could raise $500, RADAR would provide the other $200. They did, and we did!

Stevie’s temporary foster, Elizabeth Soule, is none other than one of the MSU-VTP students! Elizabeth shared this with us about Stevie: “He learned commands for sit, down, paw, and “sit pretty” in about an hour. Stevie’s such a smart and handsome boy! He’s a new dog from when he first came to me just a short time ago!” To view more photos of Stevie, click here.

RADAR paid all of Stevie’s veterinary care and neutering costs of $65 at MSU-VTP, and paid $200 towards his surgery costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Stevie have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Stevie has been pulled by Tara’s House Animal Rescue and is now known as Cole!

UPDATE! Stevie has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Stevie:

Debbie & Daniel Gates; Jackie Stanley; Linda Hoffecker; Bill Sacrey; Sharon Lehr; Teri Gidwitz; Diana Berkstresser

Added on November 17, 2013.

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