The name Suki is of Japanese origin meaning “loved one.” This Suki didn’t feel very loved when she arrived at the Surry County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina on December 19th. An owner surrender, this 14-year-old German Shepherd mix was dumped at this kill shelter even though her owners had assured a local rescue, who had assisted the owners in the past with many dogs, that they would keep her. It was clear that Suki had been neglected for years. She had enlarged lymph nodes, needed dental care and was heartworm positive.

On December 20th, Mayberry4Paws, an organization that helps facilitate and find rescues for at-risk dogs at the Surry County shelter, reached out to RADAR for help with Suki. If we could assist with some of her health care costs, Mayberry4Paws would pull her from the shelter and find a rescue for her. We agreed, and Suki was put into foster care the very same day. Her canine sibling, Jackson, who had also been surrendered to the shelter, went to the same foster home.

Suki had numerous medical tests done. Her kidney levels were a concern, which delayed her dental work, spay and heartworm treatment. With time and good foster care, her kidney levels retested into normal limits. Suki began the slow-kill method of heartworm treatment. In the meantime, her brother Jackson secured a rescue placement. After a rescue that had expressed interest in taking Suki had to delay her intake, Dot Terry, the co-founder of Little Big Dog Rescue in Virginia, decided to take Suki into the rescue and into her personal care. Suki will continue her journey to better health.

Little Big Dog Rescue shared this with us, “She is a careful and timid dog. With dogs, she hangs back but protects her personal space. Suki is self-assured when no other dogs are present. She is graceful, elegant and obedient. At 14, she moves smoothly and efficiently, without the arthritic gait of an old dog. Just a little slow! Suki is a people-focused and her foremost priority is to have a close relationship with her human. She is suspicious and wary of new people but has come to be a velcro dog with all that have cared for her from her surrender to her rescue. She is obedience-trained and responds instantly to commands. Suki is a verbal dog. She talks in her sleep, and has a quiet conversation with herself when she wakes up to turn over or if her sleep is interrupted. Suki is often the first to sound the alarm if a vehicle goes by up on the road.” To see more photos of Suki, click here.

RADAR paid all $430 of the initial vetting and testing costs for Suki.

UPDATE! All funds for Suki have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE Suki crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 25, 2019. She became very sick overnight and it was decided to let her pass peacefully. Suki had so many help her along the way. From Dot, her foster Mom of 3 months, said that Suki was so very sweet and that “Suki could talk. She actually made words with her vocal cords and mouth. She was a hoot to listen to. I really loved it, I found it so endearing, that she would curl up to go to sleep and make some comments. It didn’t sound like bedtime prayers, it sounded like ‘I hope no one wakes me up, this is such a damn noisy place!'” Rest in Peace, Suki.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Suki:

Chloe’s SOS Fund ($100); Jo Irvine; Brian Mertz; Marsha Sissler; Betty Hall; Laura Jones; Nancy Steadman; Carole Duzich; Kathy Kammer; Dot Terry; Anne Patton

Added on April 7, 2019.

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