Summer Road Trip

Summer’s Road Trip… to the Beach!

UPDATE! BEACH!!! Zeke and the gang made it to the beach EARLY because of YOUR generous donations! Thank you to everyone who donated, provided the matches and shared — you all helped to make the trip a success! We can’t thank you enough!! Check-out the dogs on the beach, and hopefully you recognize some of the dogs!

UPDATE! We have met our goal and received the matches! THANK YOU to everyone who donated, provided matches and shared! After figuring out how to read a map, Zeke found a shortcut and so the dogs should arrive at this year’s (virtual) beach EARLY! We’ll post a beach scene by late Saturday afternoon on July 14th!

PREVIOUSLY Are you ready for an adventure? Can you say, “Summer Road Trip!” Well, at least a virtual trip! We are asking for YOUR help to get to the beach! Along the way, we’ll pick-up some dogs who are ready for a much needed vacation! This year our bus driver is RADAR-assisted… Zeke! Can you help us raise the funds so that we can get the dogs to their destination… the beach!

Just click here to make a donation. Don’t forget that all donations count – select specific dogs or funds or simply donate to our general fund, and help at-risk shelter dogs! As an added incentive, several of our loyal supporters will be matching your donations (thank you)! For every $500 raised (up to $3,000 through July 22nd) we will get a $500 match, pick-up another dog, and get closer to the beach! If you can help us raise all $3,000, RADAR will get $3,000 in matching funds, for a grand total of $6,000! And remember that your donations are tax-deductible!

Most of the matching funds will benefit RADAR’s Helping Hands for Hearts Fund to better enable us to help with heartworm treatment costs for RADAR-assisted dogs.

DONATE HERE! Thank you!

Questions? Please contact RADAR!

* If you would prefer to send a check, please include which items you would like added to RADAR’s Dog Beach and please include your email address. Make checks payable to RADAR and send to 228 Bethel Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601.

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Thank you to the following contributors:

Gail O’Connor; Judith Chien & Mandy the Cat; Freya Hill; Anonymous; Sarah Lizee; Sara Daza; Mary-Lawrence Yanniello; Wendi LeConey; Robert Cameron; Jo Irvine; The Venables; Dawn & Paul Zimmermann; Erica Vernon; Karen Dymond; Kimberly Dickey; Leilani Campbell; Meredith Krissoff; Linda Siegert; Tina Muncy; Duke & Maureen; Mary Haak; Tamara Talbot; Kristin Kucsma; Jacquie Robinson; Laura Jones, in memory of her sweet boy, Charlie; Marsha Garrett; BPF and MMC, for their dog friend from Surry Co., NC, Bess; Charisse Noldy Messina; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Jim Lundsted; Kathy O’Connor, in memory of her dog, Hannah; L. Lane; Elizabeth Lavoie, in memory of her dog, Montana; Gretchen Kozen; The Morgan Family; Anonymous

And, a special thanks to the following matching challenge gift contributors:

Rebecca Kuga; Jennifer Siegert; Elaine Stevens

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