As the song from Fiddler on the Roof goes: “Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly fly the years. One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.” And we have our own Sunrise and Sunset. This bonded pair of female lemon-colored Treeing Walker Coonhounds have seen their seven years of life fly by swiftly. And they clearly led a life rough enough to cause tears, but now they have finally found happiness.

Sunrise and Sunset, who are most likely sisters, were taken to the Duplin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on January 26th. Sunrise was emaciated and had several tumors. Both dogs were terribly frightened at the shelter. With almost no hope of being adopted, a rescue would be needed to save Sunrise and Sunset.

On January 30th, RADAR was asked to help with Sunrise and Sunset. We provided an offer to assist with vetting costs as an incentive for a rescue to take them. On February 6th, Sterling Hill Animal Farm Rescue in Rhode Island agreed to take both dogs, and the woman who runs the rescue will adopt them as her own! Pet Friends of Duplin County facilitated their rescue and arranged for local interim foster care. During February and March, Sunrise had her initial vetting and spaying done. She also had biopsies taken on all seven tumors that she had. Fortunately, the results indicated that they all were benign. Unfortunately, both dogs were heartworm positive, and are being treated.

Phyllis, who fostered both dogs, told us this: “Sunrise was somewhat docile when she first arrived, but now she’s become very strong and active. She is quite beautiful, intelligent, attentive and seemingly an alpha. Sunrise is the dominant one in her relationship with Sunset, especially when it comes to food. They both need reassurance that they’ll be fed, which is understandable after surviving on their own for who knows how long. Sunrise has an interest in watching the surrounding wildlife!” To view more photos of Sunrise, click here.

RADAR paid $150 towards the initial vetting, treatment and spaying for Sunrise.

UPDATE! Sunrise has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Sunrise have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Sunrise:

Hound Dog Fund; Laura Jones; Diana Berkstresser

Added on May 10, 2015.

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