While “Break a leg!” means good luck in the theater world, it was definitely bad luck for Tamara to break a leg (everything happened so fast, that initially Tamara was thought to be a male and was called “Lester”). This two-year-old German Shepherd mix arrived at the Clayton County Animal Control shelter in Georgia on February 20th with a broken leg. Most likely, she had been hit by a vehicle, not only breaking her back left leg (click here to see the x-ray), but also knocked her hip out of place. A high-kill shelter is no place for an injured dog to survive.

The volunteers at Partners with Clayton County Animal Control had to act quickly on several fronts to help Tamara. First, they had to get her to the vet, which they did immediately. They also needed a rescue to officially pull Tamara and commit to take her. Green Pets America rescue in Georgia agreed!

With the necessary surgery estimated to cost $1,500 and the money needed before the surgery could take place, the volunteers at Partners urgently solicited donations. On February 21st, to assist the fundraising effort, RADAR committed $300 to help with Tamara’s surgery. In an amazing show of support for Tamara, and with RADAR’s commitment, all of the funds were raised by February 22nd!

Tamara’s successful surgery took place on February 26th. The total cost of $1,520 was very close to the estimate. She is still recuperating at the vet as she awaits a foster home. Green Pets America rescue will be working to find a forever home for Tamara. To see more photos of Tamara, click here.

RADAR paid $300 towards Tamara’s $1,520 surgery bill to repair her broken leg.

UPDATE! All funds for Tamara have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Tamara has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tamara:

Diana Berkstresser; For the Love of Rescues Calendar (sale proceeds)

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