Tammy and Her Pups

On June 28th, Tammy arrived as a stray at the Coweta County Animal Control shelter in Georgia. Tammy, a young adult Terrier mix, was also pregnant! Despite being a high-kill shelter, she managed to survive beyond her hold time limit. But, as July wore on, Tammy’s time was running out.

Efforts to save Tammy kicked into high gear, and went viral. On August 1st, Amy Heinz and her AHeinz57 Pet Rescue in Iowa offered to take Tammy and care for all of her soon-to-be-born puppies, if they could get help with the transport cost of getting Tammy from Georgia to Iowa. With RADAR’s offer to commit up to $150 for transport, Tammy was safe!

Two of the rescue’s volunteers are real heroes in Tammy’s tale. Susan Ballard offered to foster Tammy and her pups. Carl Macht offered to make the nearly 2000-mile roundtrip transport! As Carl neared the shelter on August 3rd, the story changed dramatically. Tammy had just given birth to five puppies! The three females and two males were healthy, but one of the males was born with a shorter leg.

Much to the delight of the Susan (and relief for Carl), Tammy and her pups arrived safely in Iowa on August 5th. We’ve decided to christen them as St. Susan and St. Carl! Click here to see more pictures.

Since a paid transport was not used, RADAR instead committed to cover $150 of the vet costs for Tammy and her five puppies. The final bill was $161, which was fully paid by RADAR.

UPDATE! Tammy and all 5 of her puppies have been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tammy and her Pups:

Jessica Sweet; Kimberly Dickey; Elizabeth Lavoie

Added on August 9, 2012.

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