On a cold day in early February an approximately two-year-old Pit Bull decided to wander from his home. Soon he finds himself a resident of the Chester County Animal Care & Control shelter in South Carolina. Not knowing where he came from or to whom he belonged, the shelter staff decided to name him Tank and proceeded with his intake, hopeful that his owners would come for him soon. During his intake he tested heartworm positive.

Five days passed and like so many Pit Bulls who enter this small rural shelter, Tank still remained unclaimed. He became available for rescue or adoption, and staff and volunteers geared up to learn as much about Tank as they possibly could to help him find another home. It wasn’t long after he entered the shelter that animal advocate Emily Ward decided to open a bag of treats and walk the kennels meeting and greeting all the dogs. After doing this many times before, she knew this would get all the dogs excited and to the front of their kennels ready for just a little human attention and a nice treat. This is when she noticed that Tank was not like most other dogs. Tank sat at the front of his kennel patiently waiting for his turn, never barking or jumping. When he was offered his treat, he took it gently. After repeating this several times and getting the same response. Emily knew there was something really special about this boy!

With no rescue or adopter stepping up for Tank, on May 21st Emily sent a request to RADAR asking for assistance with his heartworm treatment to make Tank more attractive to rescues. We agreed. Emily worked with us to find a rescue for this awesome boy who had been at the shelter for nearly four months. Throughout this time Tank remained calm and patient. He passed all temperament tests with flying colors. While shelter staff and volunteers worried about Tank’s long stay, Tank remained content and relaxed, and always happy to spend time with anyone who got him out of his kennel or just walked by to say hello.

In late July, South of the Bully Rescue in North Carolina committed to take Tank when a foster stepped up. Tank finally left the shelter and hasn’t looked back since. Tank had his heartworm treatment on October 6th, and although he hasn’t found his forever home yet, he is being treated like a king in his foster home. Tank is still as happy and content as the day he entered the shelter, making one wonder that, just maybe, not all who wander are lost. Just maybe they know and are guided by some invisible force to the people who are willing to help them on to a better life. Click here to view more photos of Tank.

RADAR paid all of Tank’s heartworm treatment costs, which totaled $310.

UPDATE! All funds for Tank have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Tank has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tank:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Bully Breed Dog Fund; Jackie Chambley; Laura Jones; Kelly Hess

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