Teddy Roosevelt had his Rough Riders, and this Teddy not only had a rough ride, but a rough life as well. A one-year-old Lab mix, Teddy and his brother were both kept 24/7 in a dog pen. When their owner went to jail, a concerned woman asked Ruthie Rish at the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (MAMAS) in Bamberg County in South Carolina if the shelter could take the two dogs. Ruthie agreed. A relative of the woman used the back of his pick-up truck to take them to the shelter on August 28th. Unfortunately, flimsy crates were used, and on the way to the shelter, one of the crates fell apart. Sadly, Teddy’s brother jumped out of the truck. While he was seen once, he has not been found.

Upon Teddy’s arrival at the shelter, Ruthie noticed that something was wrong with his eyes. The vet diagnosed him with entropion and he needed surgery to correct it or it could lead to blindness. On October 5th, Pregnant Dog Rescue in Pennsylvania expressed interest in taking Teddy if his eye surgery costs could be covered. Ruthie asked for RADAR’s assistance and we agreed. His successful entropion surgery took place on October 8th.

“Teddy is the absolute sweetest dog,” Ruthie told us, “who loves everybody as well as all dogs. We can count on Teddy to be everyone’s friend. All he wants is love and is so grateful for any attention he gets.” By the time of his transport to the rescue on October 20th, his eyes were healing nicely. “He looks great,” Ruthie said, “and now he has beautiful eyes and won’t go blind because of it. Thank you so much for helping him!” Shortly after his arrival at the rescue, Teddy was adopted! Click here to view more photos of Teddy.

RADAR paid all of Teddy’s entropion surgery costs, which totaled $150.

UPDATE! Teddy has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Teddy have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Teddy:

Freya Hill; Sherry Mccammon; Rich Boehm; Anonymous; Mrs. Dymond’s Fifth Grade Class

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