Tiffany, a two-year-old Bully Breed mix, arrived at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina with eight puppies in tow on March 2nd. A stray mama who had probably been ‘set out’ with her puppies, this stray was never reclaimed. Tiffany was very scared and shy. To add to her woes, she tested heartworm positive. While rescues were interested in her puppies, there was no rescue interest in Tiffany, scared and infested with heartworms that would kill her if not treated.

Kim Frigault of Long Trail Canine Rescue in Vermont contacted RADAR on March 23rd. The rescue is not one that leaves any mama dog behind. In addition to wanting to rescue some of Tiffany’s puppies, they wanted to find Tiffany a great new home. The rescue asked for assistance with the cost of heartworm treatment and we agreed to help. With COVID-19, the rescue’s usual veterinarian office was closed, so a long-term foster home was found for Tiffany to relax and started the “slow-kill” method of heartworm treatment in June.

Tiffany is now on her way to better health and a better life. She is adjusting to being loved and cared for in her foster home. It’s a new experience for Tiffany to be treated well and she is enjoying her new way of living. Be sure to view more photos in Tiffany’s gallery.

RADAR paid $250 toward the cost Tiffany’s heartworm treatment.

UPDATE! All funds for Tiffany have been raised! Thank you!

While RADAR is no longer asking for donations for our nonprofit, we ask that you check out some of our rescue partners and make a donation to one or more of them.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tiffany:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Bully Breed Dog Fund ($50); Second Chances Fund

If you are interested in adopting Tiffany, please contact Long Trail Canine Rescue.

Added on July 26, 2020.

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