If this Tramp’s story were made into a movie, it would be called Lady Luck and the Tramp! Approximately a year old and a Boxer blend, Tramp arrived at the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia on January 25th. How or why Tramp ended up at the shelter was unknown. He ended up as third on the list who were at risk of being euthanized on February 10th. Tramp really needed Lady Luck.

Lady Luck turned out to be Michelle Ziemba. She and her Sweet Vernon Rescue of Rhode Island contacted RADAR on February 9th to see if we could assist so that the rescue could take Tramp. We immediately agreed, and Tramp was safe! He had his initial vetting, neutering and dental care done on February 12th.

A shelter volunteer had this touching tale to share about Tramp: “He stole my heart. He was housed in the outside runs at the shelter and every time I walked past his kennel he would put his paw through the crack of the door and paw at me like he was saying, ‘Please come get me.’ He cried as I walked away. As the evening went on and I finished doing temperament tests on dogs, I went back and took Tramp out for a visit. He was soooo happy! There were some children at the shelter and he loved them. He also did well with the other dogs as we visited them. He climbed up on my lap, wrapped his paws around my neck, laid his head on my chest and gave me kisses! I cried when I took him back to his kennel, and he cried as I left.” Thanks to Lady Luck (and RADAR’s supporters), there’s no more crying! To view more photos of Tramp, click here.

RADAR paid $200 toward Tramp’s initial vetting, neutering and dental care costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Tramp have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Tramp has been adopted… by his foster family!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tramp:

Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson; Sweet Vernon Rescue of Rhode Island; Christopher Valerio; Tina Muncy; Kerstyn Crumb, for Rosalyn Haram’s birthday, in memory of Sierra

Added on February 19, 2014.

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