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Imagine saving 20 at-risk dogs in one fell swoop! Well, that’s exactly what the “Underdogs Railroad Shuffle Off to Buffalo” transport project did. Underdogs to the Rescue transported 20 dogs (scroll down to see all 20 dogs!!) pulled from a high-kill Georgia shelter to Buffalo, New York, where the dogs were transferred over to LotsaDogs Rescue for their trip to their new rescue home in Whitby, Ontario. Reminiscent of the Underground Railroad, this transport transformed the lives of these 20 dogs. Not only were their lives saved, but also they will now have a great opportunity to find loving forever homes.

This transport project was quite the undertaking! It took many weeks of planning by many people to achieve its ultimate success. The initial impetus came from Sue Steiner of LotsaDogs Rescue in Canada. Her rescue was willing to cover basic vetting costs for up to 20 dogs if the logistics of pulling the dogs and transporting them to her could be worked out.

Several terrific animal advocates in Georgia jumped at this opportunity to help save 20 at-risk dogs. The lead coordinator for the project was Kenna Galloway. She worked closely with Lori Heath, who is RADAR’s volunteer regional coordinator for Georgia. Although all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place, there was still one big missing piece: the $2,000 transport cost. Lori asked RADAR in early November if we could assist, we committed, and the “Underdogs Railroad Shuffle Off to Buffalo” was on!

The dogs were selected by Sue, then pulled and vetted, and then temporarily boarded or fostered. The transport left Peachtree City, GA, on December 8th and, more than 900 miles later, arrived in Buffalo, NY, on December 9th.

In addition to Kenna and Lori, the following volunteers helped to make this happen: Linda Terry, Wendy Brewer, Donna Rossi, Patrick and Chris Garcia, along with several others. Special thanks also go to Gloria at Greenwood Kennels, Dr. Stoffie at Coweta Animal Hospital, Mick Barberry at Underdogs to the Rescue transport, those who donated to help cover costs prior to transport, and most of all, Sue Steiner at LotsaDogs Rescue. Click here to view the full photo gallery.

This was by far RADAR’s largest commitment, but to save 20 at-risk dogs for $2,000 (only $100 a dog!) was just too good to resist. In some cases, the dogs were pulled just before they were to be euthanized.

UPDATE! All funds for the Transport Dogs have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! All 20 dogs have been adopted!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to the Transport of 20 Dogs to Canada:

Trish Newberg; Mary Gianguzzi; Catherine Morris; Melissa Farr & Jim Groff; Dallee Electronics; Ramona Roller; John Davis; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert, in memory of Sweet Chloe

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