Tula’s name is Greek for gracious gift! However, she has been treated less than graciously in the past. Tula, a one-year-old Chow Chow-Labrador Retriever mix, and 4 other dogs were surrendered by her owner to the Lee County Animal Services shelter in North Carolina on December 17th. At this shelter, dogs are simply given a number for a name. Tula’s was “28797.” Her future looked bleak in this crowded, rural shelter.

On December 18th, RADAR provided an offer to assist with Tula’s vetting costs as an incentive for a rescue to take her. Only a day later, Lending Paws a Hand in North Carolina agreed to take Tula for Farm Friends Rescue in North Carolina. The other four dogs were also safe – two were adopted and two rescued! Tula’s initial vetting was done on December 22nd, and she was spayed on February 3rd.

Her foster says, “Tula was very shy and timid after arriving from the shelter. This girl has definitely come out of her shell and is enjoying the company of humans and new dog companions. She is house trained and crate trained. Tula is a very sweet girl with lots of personality!” To view more photos of Tula, click here.

RADAR paid all $137 of Tula’s initial vetting costs and $52 towards her spaying costs, for a total of $189

UPDATE! All funds for Tula have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Tula has been adopted… by her foster mom!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Tula:

Black Dog Fund; Snow Deals Now; Lannis Coleman; Todd Denlinger

Added on February 17, 2015.

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