The rescue responders described it as one of the most horrific hoarding situations imaginable. In mid-November, 37 dogs were found in the home of a woman in Berkeley Springs, WV. Morgan County Animal Control and Friends Fur Life Rescue (FFLR) in Berkeley Springs were contacted by the woman’s family after she was hospitalized. Family members kept eight dogs, but surrendered the other 29. Four of them were in such terrible condition that they had to be euthanized. Through the tireless efforts of the FFLR volunteers, within two weeks, rescues were found for all but five of the dogs!

Winston, a Beagle mix, was one of those five remaining dogs. Not surprisingly, four of the five dogs were seniors, and least likely to be taken by rescues or adopted (Ollie was from the same hoarding case). The oldest one, about ten years old, was Winston. He stole the heart of Kathi Draper of FFLR. Other than his rotten teeth and bad breath, he appeared to be healthy. Kathi said, “Winston is really sweet!” For more photos of Winston, click here.

Kathi faced two high hurdles in her efforts to help save Winston. First, she had no interested rescues. Second, FFLR had no funds for Winston’s vetting, let alone his much-needed dental care. So Kathi contacted RADAR, and we were able to help her clear both hurdles.

When we told our rescue partner, Cindy Olweiler of Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary about Winston, she agreed to take him if FFLR could temporarily foster him until early January (when a foster home would be available), and if RADAR could cover his vet costs. FFLR found a temporary foster and RADAR committed to cover his vet bill… Winston was safe! RADAR has also offered up to $150 for the initial vetting costs for the each of the other three seniors dogs as an incentive for a rescue to take them.

Winston had his vetting done on December 4th. He had to have three teeth removed, as well as a tumor that was discovered on his neck during his vetting. The vet not only gave a great discount to get the bill down to $400, but also groomed him at no charge!

RADAR has paid the full $400 cost for Winston’s initial vetting, tumor removal and dental treatment.

UPDATE! Winston was originally scheduled to move to Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary in January. Well, there’s been a change of plans. His temporary fosters asked Friends Fur Life Rescue (FFLR) if they could continue fostering him, which would end up making him an official FFLR dog. Everyone agreed that keeping him in his current foster would be best, so now Winston is an official FFLR dog!

UPDATE! All funds for Winston have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Winston has been adopted… by his foster parents!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Winston:

Beth Reedy; Trish Newberg; Andrea Pyles; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert, in memory of Sweet Chloe; Elizabeth Lavoie

Added on December 4, 2012.

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