What do the names Ziggy, Banjo and Reese have in common? They are all names given to this dog within three months! The two-year-old Shar-Pei mix was given the name Reese upon his arrival as a stray at the Duplin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on January 2nd. He was malnourished, had skin issues and scars on his body. It was clear that he had suffered from physical and emotional abuse. He was also heartworm positive.

A few days later, Road Home Rescue in North Carolina requested our help with Ziggy (still known then as Reese). If his heartworm treatment costs could be covered, the rescue would pull him, place him him in foster care, provide him with the vet care he needed and get his heartworm treatment done. He would then be adoptable by the rescue or transferred to another rescue partner. We agreed, and the rescue renamed him Banjo. After getting his skin issues resolved, he began his heartworm treatment medications on March 16th, and is now being called Ziggy.

“Ziggy initially cowered down when humans approached him, but within three days of being in his foster home, he sought out loving attention and ear rubs,” the rescue told us. “His tail now wags in delight upon seeing foster mom and dad!  Ziggy has faced so many challenges in his life, but you would never know this by his personality. His spirits are high, and he has the personality of a budding “Romeo!” All who meet him, love him.” To see more photos of Ziggy, click here.

RADAR paid all $196 of the heartworm treatment medication costs for Ziggy.

UPDATE! All funds for Ziggy have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Ziggy:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Jackie Davis; Linda Siegert; Mary Haak

If you are interested in adopting Ziggy, please contact Road Home Rescue.

Added on April 22, 2018.

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